A Practical Tutorial On How To Write Great Essays

“I’ve been assigned this essay, but how do I make it great?”  This is a question that students may ask themselves when they are given a new essay assignment.  Sometime the answer is clear and easy but sometimes there isn’t a clear-cut way on how to make an essay great. When the latter is the answer the student will need to turn to a tutorial of how to write an essay for ideas, tips and instructions.

For the student who needs the tutorial, they need to look no further. Using this tutorial will help the student know what the parts of the essay are, and how they need to fit together.  If the student follows these steps and does so in a grammatically correct and organized manner they will create a great essay.

Practical Tutorial to Writing Essays

  • Topic: The first step is choosing a topic, if one has not been assigned to the student.  The student should try to pick something that they will be excited to write about.  The topic is always the key of the paper.  It’s what will make the reader want to read it.  The topic must be something that is engaging for the audience, but also not a boring subject.  If the student needs more direction with the topic then they should speak with their assigning instructor.
  • Thesis Statement and Introduction: The essay should begin with a thesis located in the introduction.  The introduction is what engages the readers; it’s what makes them keep reading.  This needs to be creative and well-structured ending with a strong thesis statement.  That is a statement of what the overall paper will be about.  The tie of the paper that the student needs to weave through the paper.
  • Body: The body of the essay is the next part.  This part is several paragraphs discussing the subject.  The body will need to be organized in a manner that makes sense.  The paper can’t start out a point A and then jump to point D.  It needs to go in A, B, C, D order and each point needs to be tired to the previous point.  There needs to be a tie in to the thesis statement and explanations of how the tie works.
  • The conclusion: The conclusion needs to be just as strong as the introduction.  This is the part of the essay when the student shows how the ties all fit together in a nice neat bow.  How A, B, C, D all work together.  This is where the student makes the reader want to act, want to read on, want to agree or disagree.  The conclusion is how the paper ends on a strong not.  

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