Obesity is a medical complication that has commonly been linked to lifestyles. Well, it has initially been a problem in the United States but has to this day been found in almost every part of the world. Basically, obesity has to do with the presence of extra fat in the body that normally accumulates to a point that it could have a negative effect on the health condition of a person. Far-reaching consequences would include a loss of life stemming out of an increased health complications due to obesity. Although there have been different views about obesity, it is really not a cosmetic concern – it has been the cause of increased risks and health complications especially on diabetes, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Extreme obese conditions have in particular been linked with health issues pertinent to body weight. The most important thing to note is that, obesity can be improved through weight loss programs. To combat the problem, dietary changes can be very important. Maximum benefits can be felt through increased physical exercises and behavioral changes. Other interventions include prescription medications and a weight-loss surgery. The determination of obesity is based on body mass index taken as a ration of body mass taken in kilograms to height measured in square meters. According to many people, body mass index (BMI) is a rough estimate of the amount of fat in the body. All the same, BMI is not a direct measure of body fat because some muscular athletes may have a BMI score in the category of obese people even though they may not have excess fat in their bodies.

The issue of obesity is basically about an excess consumption of calories than we can burn through workouts and usual day to day activities. However, there are also hormonal and genetic effects on body weight. The excess calories taken are stored in the body as fats. A continued accumulation of these fats has been the main cause of obesity. Other contributory factors include inactivity, poor eating habits of taking in unhealthy foods, weight gained through pregnancy, lack of sleep causing hormonal changes for increased appetite, some medications and other medical complications such as Cushing’s syndrome. Generally obesity is a health condition that can easily be averted through a change of lifestyle and eating habits. Other than that, there are very little other causes of obesity that cannot be controlled and still can be managed through suitable interventions.

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