Medical Marijuana

There is nothing new about using Marijuana (cannabis) in medical treatment; its history actually goes back thousands of years. Even with such a well document usage and positive outcomes with its medical usage it is still illegal to use in many countries. In places where it is legal to use for medical conditions a Doctor would have to write a prescription for it. Medical Marijuana differs from street marijuana as it is taken in a purer form, so there is less chance of it being mixed with other substances that may cause bad reactions.

One of the main impacts of using medical marijuana is that it reduces chronic pain. Its use can be arguable better and less loaded with chemicals that are used to make string analgesics that can sometimes have strong and debilitating side effects such as liver disease. Medical Marijuana can also help reduce the inflammation and pain that and is associated with Arthritis

Because Marijuana is noted to increase appetite it has been useful in helping people who find it difficult to eat; suffer with nausea or who have little appetite such as sufferers of AIDS or Anorexia.

More recently it has been highlighted that one of the main uses of medical marijuana is the use of alleviating damage caused to the body by Cancer and in some cases there is evidence of the use of Marijuana in treating cancer. This could be very good news as the use of Chemotherapy, which causes devastation to body that is already affected by cancer could be replaced by treatment using marijuana. However this treatment is currently very controversial despite a long history of its effectiveness.

Medical marijuana is usually prescribed in oral form, to use in baking or to smoke. As with the use of any drug there is always the concern of the patient becoming physically or psychologically dependent on it. It is common knowledge that patients can get addicted to prescribed medication, but through research the National Cancer Institute has determined that medical marijuana is less potentially addictive than other prescribed drugs or drugs that are not prescribed drugs. As with any other prescribed drug both the patient and the Doctor will be aware of he signs of dependency and the drug will be withdrawn under supervision.

Medical Marijuana may not be a cure all and in some cases it may not have any impact on the disease but it if nothing else it can improve the quality of life, by making people feel better.

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