Online Paper Assistance: How to Write a Cause/Effect Essay 

What is a cause/effect essay?

A cause/effect essay is a paper that details and determines the cause/effect of certain things occurring or the cause/effect of certain items working.  A cause/effect paper is like a scientific method essay where it proves or disproves a scientific hypothesis.  A cause/effect essay will discuss the writer’s position on a topic or subject. 

How to write a cause/effect essay?

Here are the main parts that should be included in a cause/effect essay:

  • The Introduction: The introduction has two main functions: (1) get the attention of the targeted reader and (2) discuss what the topic is.  The introduction should organize the writing and clearly state to the audience what the essay will be about.
  • The Body: Discusses the main causes and effects.  Normally a cause/effect essay has between three to five causes and effects (main points).  Ensure that the main cause/effects are organized and each one should be discussed in a separate paragraph.  Also, ensure that the organization of the cause/effect paragraph are suitable for presenting one’s position on the topic.
  • The Conclusion: The conclusion has two main functions: (1) give a summary of the main causes and effects of the essay and (2) leave the targeted reader with a good feeling about the essay.

Here are some good pointers on writing a cause/effect essay:

  • Write down the instructions on how the cause/effect essay should be written.
  • Outline the essay before writing it including a brief description of the introduction, the main cause/effects (main points), and conclusion.
  • Read all necessary materials and texts needed to write the essay.
  • Always do research on any topic or subject that will be discussed in the essay.
  • Always select the cause/effects of the topic and take a close examination of the cause/effects that will be written about in the essay.
  • Always have a thesis statement for any essay.
  • Ensure that the essay is organized in five paragraphs.
  • Always have good facts in the outline for the essay.
  • Always write at least two drafts of the essay before doing the final draft and ensure that you have someone review all drafts before turning in the final one.

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