Great Descriptive Essay Topics to Write On

The choice of a descriptive essay topic is often left to you – it is one of the ways to test your writing and thinking skills. Use one of the ideas below to produce a truly great paper.

  1. A Place.
  2. Think of a place where you have been but many other people haven’t – for example, the backstage of a theater or an exotic holiday destination. However, you may describe a more common place as well – your favorite city park or restaurant. Do not be afraid of producing a too generic essay. Share your personal impressions of this place, the reasons why you like it, or the memories it wakes in you – and your paper will be unique regardless of how many other people have described this spot as well.

  3. A Movie Hero.
  4. Who is your favorite movie hero? Describe his or her appearance and character. Explain which of their features you like most. Include the examples of actions when they demonstrate these features – for example, “He is kind. He has not killed his enemy despite all the evil she did him.”

  5. A Technological Item.
  6. We use cell phones, microwave ovens, and subways every day, but we seldom think of how these things work. Describe how your chosen technological item operates, how it has changed over time, and how it changes our lives. You may select either a small item, like a Wi-Fi router, or a larger one, such as a submarine or a robot surgeon.

  7. A Natural System.
  8. Descriptive essays about solar system, hydrologic cycle, or the nature of thunderstorm are very rare – perhaps because they require a certain degree of knowledge. Write your essay about one of these, and your teacher will be impressed.

  9. A Book or Movie.
  10. This topic for a descriptive essay is never outdated or boring. Although many people may have watched this film, each one has seen their own picture there – this is the power of art. Meanwhile, your favorite book or movie is easy to write about. Tell your readers what you like most about it and which important message you have got from it.

  11. An Online Game.
  12. Online games are highly popular among teens, but still not so many students write descriptive essays about them. If you have a favorite online game, you can produce a great paper by acquainting your readers with this colorful world full of adventure and magic.

  13. An Imaginative Concept.
  14. If you have a rich imagination, use it! Describe your dream house, your ideal pet (maybe a dragon?), or a fantasy world you would like to visit. This way your essay will definitely stand out, and it may even astonish your teacher.

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