A Guide To Writing A Car Accident Problem Solution Essay

To write a problems solution essay is technically easy; all you have to do is to emphasize a problem and to bring some valid solutions. On the other hand, many students can’t make a good composition because they don’t pay attention to the requirements. If you have to work on a text like this on the topic of car accidents, you can really make something extraordinary that will help others. Here is a short guide that you should follow:

  • Focus on a specific issue. The general theme is car accidents, but for sure you have to be more specific if you want to make a good text. In general, it’s good to discuss about issues that are present in your city or country. In this way you are sure that everyone knows about this and they are interested to hear possible ways of solving it.
  • Detect the causes. In your country there are many accidents every day. Why? Are these caused by excessive speed? Because in this case you have to analyze this with care. Are these caused by texting or talking on the phone? If yes, you have to explain how the law should become more severe. The point is that you have to detect every possible cause if you want to make a complex composition, not just the causes that are obvious for everyone.
  • Discuss the options. Before you can prove your intelligence, you have to explain why other attempts of solving this did not work before and they will not work in the future. Search different perspectives on the Internet and introduce them in your composition. Analyze each one of them and try to explain what you would change.
  • Be original and tell them what they can do to change this. This is the most important part of the composition; you said what is the cause of this and what other people think about car accidents. Now you have to discuss about how can these be prevented. The law is obviously not scaring many people, and this is why they don’t care if they cross the speed limit. Media campaigns that are warning the public about the dangers are not explicit enough; people continue to talk on the phone while driving. Sometimes, you can see drivers texting who don’t even look at the road.

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