A Selection Of Great Topics To Write A Narrative Essay About

Writing a narrative essay can be the most boring thing in the world when you have to write about a boring topic, but when you understand how to come up with a good title it makes life a whole lot easier. Soon you will know how to create your own high quality title, since it is very simple to do. Read this article from start to finish to find out what the best tips and tricks are. With that thought process where here is a selection of great topics to write a narrative essay about.

  • Your life in high school to the day
  • The first day you ever went to school
  • Something that embarrasses you to this day
  • The best birthday that you ever had
  • The best school trip you ever had in your life
  • Your closes friends today
  • What historic even would you have liked to participate in?
  • Something that only ever happened to you
  • A near death experience
  • What is it like to have brothers or sisters
  • A dangerous experience that could of resulted in injury
  • A summer day at the beach
  • An experienced the made you feel weird
  • Random acts of kindness
  • A time where you got lost in the city
  • A time when you got lost in the super market
  • What would you do if you had a million dollars?
  • If you could change anything what would you change?
  • If you could only see in one colour what colour would you choose to see in?
  • Your most favourite dream
  • Your most worst nightmare that you have experienced

Here are just a few great titles that you can write about now, but make sure you will like doing the work. Not enjoying the project will make you less productive, thus making the quality of the work go down by quite a bit. Also, you can pick a title that is close to your heart as this will make doing the project easy, because you will be enjoying the work. On the other hand you can pick a title you have completely no idea about, and start from scratch, which is not a bad idea. As you will be leaning something new, hence you will become a lot more clever.

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