Picking Good Essay Topics: Tips & Examples

Writing an essay would require more than just penning down certain ideas and words on paper. You should be able to organize your ideas, plan your paper, gather relevant data, choose a unique topic, and develop major arguments to address in your assignment. The topic of your paper is very important because it will decide the overall scope and direction of your paper. You should be able to think strategically and plan a niche that you want to address in your paper. It is important to note here that you do not want to think about the entire subject as a whole and try to come up with a topic that can cover it entirely. You should pick an area first and then choose the ideas you will include in this paper.

This article will help you choose a good topic for your essay with the help of effective tips and examples. The process of choosing a winning topic involves various steps. Read below to find out more

Start by developing an understanding of the subject and break it down to possible divisions and categories. Have a close look at different categories and see which one suits you the best. You can find out a niche for yourself that you will address in your paper.

Once you have a niche to address in the paper, you can go ahead and read about it. Understand the background of the subject area and see what has been done so far on this area. You can find a reason why other researchers missed a certain aspect and how should you address it

Sit down in a peaceful corner to carry out research to find fresh and unique ideas. You need to pen down everything that comes to your mind regardless of the fact if it is relevant or not. You can create a list of ideas and check them later

The next and last step in choosing a winning topic for your assignment is to eliminate the irrelevant and illogical ideas that do not seem feasible for your paper. Delete what is not important to have a final list and pick the one you like the most

Examples of topics for an essay

  • Child abuse and married life
  • Violence and media
  • Depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • The role of pollutants in damaging the ozone
  • Animal testing of products

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