Floods have been reported as the most frequent natural disasters all around the world. Their effects are far-reaching and costly. The main cause of floods is the natural weather condition. Flooding will be mainly caused by heavy and steady downpour. Depending on the terrain and soil of the area, flooding may occur. In the low-lying areas, the streams are narrow and thus heavy downpour may fill the rivers and overflow causing flooding. This is why low-lying areas are mostly affected by the flooding. Types of soils may also be one of the main causes of flooding. Soils that get saturated fast lead to a lot of water flowing on the surface. This may cause flash flooding in case of a heavy downpour. There are however a number of human activities that may contribute to flooding. One of the main activities that cause flooding is building of dams across the river. These banks may break at times causing flooding downstream.

Tips for Dealing with a flood

To survive a flood, you need to be alert in all the stages of a flood. This includes before, during and after a flood. Before a flood, you need to be vigilant for news and any information. This is especially necessary for those that live in the flood-prone areas. The government will always issue directives in cases when there are threats of flooding. It is vital and necessary for those that live in flood prone areas to build flood barriers and seal the basement of their buildings.

During floods, you should never walk through water. In case you have to, you have to use a stick to test how deep the water in front of you. It is important to evacuate to higher grounds in case of floods. If possible, you can take what you can with you. Make sure that you disconnect all appliances and machines from the power source. After floods, it is wise to wait for directives from the government before moving back to your homes. Always avoid walking near fallen electrical cables.

Effects of flooding

Flooding causes the death of both people and animals. It contributes to natural imbalances. Flooding also destroys the environment. Flooding carries a lot of chemicals to the rivers. Most of the chemicals are poisonous. Flooding has adverse effects on the economy. It destroys farms, bridges and a lot of properties. In some cases, the damage caused by flooding may take a very long time to repair or recover from.

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