How to Write an Essay: Cause and Effect Topics

Brainstorming Ideas

Thinking What to Write

  • Before beginning your writing, it is important to consider and evaluate what topic to focus on. It is imperative not only think about the subject area in which you would like to explore, but also keep in mind that the topic decided upon is one that will not make matters too difficult. It would be safe to remember that if the topic does not remotely interest you, then the chances of you finishing the essay is highly unlikely.
  • Be sure to allow much needed time to think about the topic. It is absolutely necessary to contemplate different ideas. Setting aside a time and place for brainstorming of ideas, is an example. In doing so, you will not only have an upper hand in the direction of your exploration of the topic, but also that of your peers.

Inquiry and Research

Methods of the Writing Process

  • By this stage, you have probably already chosen your topic. There is no one way as to how you might want to approach writing an essay. Some either go to the library and take notes, use Internet based information, or even rely solely on in-class notation from teachers. The point is to try not to fall stiff on only one method of research.
  • Usually, constructing an outline with headings, subheadings and bullet points is a start. Be sure to provide yourself with more than enough information. This way, you will not only have a lot to write about, but you will have to examine what aspects of the topic you could prefer to choose over the other.

Presenting Your Ideas in a Coherent Form

The Specifications of Writing an Essay

  • As with any writing assignment, there must be a congruent format throughout. From your introduction, to the supporting body paragraphs, to the conclusion, the argument, or the debate of what you are specifically implying should be present throughout the essay.
  • Congratulate yourself on finishing your first draft of the essay. Though, the writing process has not yet finished at this point. While going over your rough draft consult the aid, advice and help of others. Allow teachers, peers, friends, and even family to help you see any blind spots that your editing may have missed. The final essay is sure to be one you can be proud of for submission.

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