If You’ve Been Assigned to Write an Essay: Online Assistance

No matter what subject you are studying, when you are assigned to write an essay for class you’re probably going to need a little help. Regardless of your skill level it’s not a bad idea to refresh your mind with some online assistance – just to be sure you meet all of your assignments requirements and you read about a few great writing practices. Here’s how to effectively use online assistance when you are assigned any type of essay:

  • Find a Sample Essay
  • It’s been said that one of the best ways to learn who to write great essays is by mimicry. This isn’t to say that you should look for opportunities to copy an essay; it means you should find well-written essays to refer to when trying to make sure you’ve covered all of the essay’s basics such as a thesis statement, topic sentences, introduction and conclusion and so on. The internet has made it tremendously easy to find reliable sample essays to reference, just be sure the one you get has been posted to a credible website so you know you are learning from the best.

  • Download an Outline Template
  • Until you become comfortable creating your own outlines it’s a good idea to download an outline template to guide and structure your essay. There are dozens of outline templates available all over the web, on top of there being several outlines for different types of essays. You may want to ask for some guidance from your instructor or tutor beforehand so that you know exactly what type of essay you are being asked to write (e.g., 5-paragraph versus an article review).

  • Review an Essay Checklist
  • Another great tool to have around when you are first getting used writing essays is an essay checklist that takes you through all of the components that go into well-written essays. Obviously, these won’t look the same and will be determined by the discipline in which you are writing your essay, but many elements will be the same across all subjects. When crafting your draft and then revising your paper you can take out your list and take a sort of inventory of your custom college essays. If anything is missing (e.g., a thesis statement) then you can immediately focus on correcting the problem before moving on.

  • Learn From Best Writing Practices
  • Many online writing sites will go above and beyond and have several well-crafted paragraphs or study guides on the best practices that go into individual components of essay writing. For instance, say you aren’t very confident in your ability to write introductions, there are several short articles on the subject of great introductions – from writing great opening sentences to introducing the subject to writing a great thesis. Take advantage of these mini-lessons and your essay writing will improve in no time.

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