How To Come Up With A Good Essay Topic For The Literature Class

  • The Internet
  • Internet is a useful resource where you can easily get access to almost all the things that you require to conduct your study on the research topics that you need to figure out for your literature assignment. It has several e books, journal articles, dissertation samples, library resources, articles, several literature related websites and blogs where you can access all the required information for finding a suitable topic for your English literature study.

  • The library
  • Next bundle of resource where there are multiple resources on literature is your university library which has dozens of books, novels and records that will help you choose a suitable topic based on English literature. These libraries also give you vital information on the various formatting styles like MLA, APA and other style catalogs.

  • Communicate with experts, co students and seniors for suggestion on selection of good English Literature topic:
  • Many chat forums, expert services, community centers and school/ college associations are available online, which discuss on several English literature topics. You can have a quick chat session to avail some worthy suggestions and also consult your family, teachers and friends on the topic selected by you for the study of English literature.

You can narrow down to a particular topic for English Literature study by considering the following options:

  • Conducting a discussion on a specific fictional character and evaluating it for its pertinence to the reality or any historical event
  • Comparing the works of different authors and their approach to style a character in a certain way.
  • Exploring the philosophical side of an author’s work
  • Studying the historical context that existed when the particular work was developed and studying the impact of the event on the work.
  • Analyzing or comparing different artistic tools and creative expressions used by different authors for their work.
  • Critically studying a particular work and infer the ideology that it caters to, in the chosen work.
  • Assessing the political, social and economic perspective adopted in a particular work and analyzing how it affects the work.

Some of the interesting topics for English Literature study are:

  • Study on works of famous authors like Louisa May Alcott, Henry David Thoreau, Emily Dickinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Robert Frost, etc.
  • The Heroes and the antagonists of English literature play a significant role in development of the plot.
  • Evolution of literature is impacted by the evolving society.
  • An Epic poetry employs a unique style.
  • Make comparisons on the attitude towards women reflected in the play Hamlet and Oedipus. Develop an assessment of the social and cultural settings of the play.

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