10 easy steps to learn how to write an essay and make it shine

Writing essays is what we all spend much of our academic life doing. There are reasons for this, in that, an essay is designed to demonstrate independent thinking, the ability to comprehend an argument, the ability to be persuasive, etc. Given this, it should be possible, by following a few simple tips, to find a structure for and essay that allows you to demonstrate your ability to your tutors. So, below are ten tips that can help you to write and essay and make it shine.

  1. 1. Choose an Engaging Topic
  2. The first step is to find a topic that has wide appeal, that is engaging, because you will be more inclined to spend time, and if you are interested so will your reader be.

  3. 2. Find a Novel Approach
  4. Now that you have an interesting topic, you need to find a means of approach that is novel. Let’s say, studying the history of 17th Century England from the perspective of a cat. Although this is a humorous example, this kind of approach, done well, will be interesting and informative.

  5. 3. Research Your Topic
  6. Read as much as you can around this topic, both aspects, as in, the general context of the field, and your very specific approach.

  7. 4. Find Three Sources that Agree with You
  8. In your research find three sources that agree with the argument that you want to make: ‘Smith notes that cats were important in this period because…’.

  9. 5. Find Three Sources that Disagree
  10. To strengthen you position, and to demonstrate an ability to engage in dialogue, find sources that disagree: ‘Jonson suggests that cats were not important in this period because …’.

  11. 6. Plan with Argument and Evidence in Mind
  12. Plot an essay around your primary material, dividing into arguments for, and then the sources against.

  13. 7. Write and Introduction and Conclusion
  14. Write a provisional introduction and conclusion to keep you on track.

  15. 8. Fill in the Gaps
  16. Simply fill in the gaps now, by writing the main body of the essay around your existing structure.

  17. 9. Edit
  18. Now that you have written the paper, take some time to edit, carefully, to ensure clear writing and clear argument.

  19. 10. Leave and Edit
  20. Leave for a day or two, and repeat the editing process, which will now have more perspective.

Simple! Follow these tips and your essays will shine!

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