Chinese Americans Living The Dream

Over the years, Chinese Americans have experienced significant success, which has propelled them towards living the American dream expected when migrating into the United States. However, it is equally important to consider that some of these Chinese Americans still struggle to contend with the idea of being Americans due to the struggles that they endure. The movement of Chinese from Asia to America has not only propelled their dream of becoming Americans but has also promoted economic developments for the Asian continent. The Chinese Americans experience the American dream due to the amount of opportunities for success accorded to them while living in the United States. America is one of the countries offering employment opportunities to migrants moving into the country, which include migrants from China.

Chinese Americans are living the dream in the American continent due to the provision of the United States Declaration of Independence. The declaration has created equal opportunities for all regardless of the racial or ethnic diversities that may exist. Consequently, this means that Chinese Americans are experiencing a situation, which allows them to prosper according to expectations. Another notable aspect that the Chinese Americans enjoy as part of their dream is the protection accorded by the constitution, which guarantees equal rights and freedoms for all. The United States government has focused its attention towards ensuring that every individual in the country can access equal rights and freedoms regardless of the ethnic background. Most of the Chinese Americans have been able to achieve success due to their efforts especially on issues relating finding and retaining employment.

Alternatively, it is clear that Chinese Americans have been able to live the American dream through the quality of education that they receive while living in the United States. Most of the students in the Asian continent tend to believe that America has one of the best education systems experienced in the world, which prompts them to move to America for education purposes. The "high-end" overseas study offered in American universities has experienced exponential growth within the last decade attributed to an increase in the overall number of migrants moving into the country. China contributes a significant amount of these migrants, which creates a platform for them to live the American dream according to expectations. After the completion of their education, these Chinese Americans work for blue chip companies most of which offer high salaries especially for migrants. Consequently, this allows the Chinese Americans to live the dream.

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