A List Of Great Argumentative Essay Topics: 15 Suggestions For 9th Grade Students

Argumentative writings are always helpful and you cannot avoid the importance of this kind of writing. So when you are writing on argumentative topic, then you must be more careful than you usually are. But finding a topic for an argumentative writing is really difficult. You do not really have ready-made source. You have to have use your critical faculty for finding the topic or more specifically the kind of argumentative topic you are searching for. But, the thing becomes more difficult when you are thinking about the topic of argumentative writing for a particular group of readers. Then, you have to keep in your mind several things. To name a few are the age, the psychological maturity, socio-cultural reality etc of the reader. Only after judging all these you can suggest topics. Otherwise, it is a vague attempt and probably an unsuccessful ion. Here we will give 15 topics for argumentative essay for 9th grade students. Well, then the thing becomes clear. We are considering the age, the psychological maturity, socio-cultural reality etc of the reader, specifically the 9th grade students.

15 Topics

  1. Should the government ban the use of animals for research work?
  2. How dangerous a cell phone is?
  3. Is it ethical to ban cigarette?
  4. Is the use of the camera in the name of maintaining law and order is as threat for the privacy of the people?
  5. Can Teen age pregnancy be prevented by increasing bathe access for condoms?
  6. Access to condoms makes people responsible or irresponsible?
  7. What is the exact time when parents may give permission to their siblings to take their own decisions?
  8. Is age a factor or not in the case of building a relationship?
  9. What is the exact age when you can say that dating is permitted?
  10. Watt benefits can you get in a single sex school?
  11. Is jealousy high in rate in women especially among them?
  12. Is there any bad effect of the over competitive college exams
  13. Is Homework really helpful?
  14. Is there any social contribution of fashion?
  15. Are religions causes of war?

All these examples can be expanded to a great essay. Not only that if you are searching for a great topic, then these examples will certainly show you how to start with your work. Best wishes for you.

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