Western Civilization

Western civilization dates back thousands of years as it relates to the development of various beliefs, cultures, perceptions, people, events and other related elements related to early history. Such elements help form the modern civilization we have adapted today. Western civilization is a broad term since there are so many aspects to learn about. There are college courses that provide more in-depth information with dozens of courses alone available. Many concepts derived from Egypt and other areas throughout Europe. Concepts such as Islam, Christian culture, expansion of Europe, scholastic culture, and even elements of the bible were developed during this time.

One aspect that is an important part of how people live in modern times is personal religious beliefs. The development of the Christian church, Catholicism, Protestant, Jesus and the New Testament of the bible are all elements that were developed and explored in western civilization. These elements have played a big role in how people view God, or at least those who believe in God or a higher power. There are various aspects of religion that was developed during this time period. Many people like to review the beginnings of how such religions developed to get a real sense of what should be learned.

The development of kingdoms, empires, the Renaissance crisis, Roman culture, Aristotle, Plato, Greek methodology, and the dark ages are other concepts part of western civilization. Many of these concepts have a unique place in history as they have influenced various cultures, societies and perceptions. Laws and government regulations in place today may have an influence on how rulers were in charge of their empires years ago. Many elements of this period have intricate details that would require further study for better understanding.

Western civilization has a rich and unique history dating back as early as 3000 B.C. As time moved on there were a number of elements that remain. A number of theories, concepts and works from this time period provide unique history for different parts of the world, even though many of these concepts started in one general area. Today, there are art pieces, literary works, and cultural elements people enjoy thanks to the development of western civilization. Such influence has helped shape how people live, learn, and work. People are inspired, motivated and full of hope as well as curiosity about the past, present and future.

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