How to Complete a Literary Criticism Paper without a Hitch

A literary criticism paper is a piece which talks about a literature text (or something similar) and is discussing this particular text in detail. It is written by:

  • Professional critics who get paid to write their criticisms
  • Random internet users who just want their voice heard
  • Colleagues who just want you to get better

Whichever way, a paper on a literature text needs to be formatted well. This article runs through a simple guide on how to get started and complete this paper without any problems.

  • Before you even look at writing a paper on a literature text, you need to identify the setting of the text and summarize its contents. This is the introduction to your literary criticism because there is no better introduction to your criticism except a summary of the text you plan to tear apart. Make sure you have read/watched/seen the piece you are about to criticize a few times so that you can confidently summarize the contents and the plot without going back to it.

  • These don’t have to be specific in number. You can choose to write just one or you can go all out and write as many as you possibly can – this choice is entirely yours. Once you get done with your summary, you need to find evidence why you think that literature piece is what you think it is. You don’t have to provide citations because this is your opinion and not a literary essay.

  • You don’t have to include a conclusion in this kind of piece. You can work your way through it and just finish with one simple line summarizing your entire critic, but it is not necessary to write a well-structured conclusion. This is because, again, you can’t possibly conclude a conclusion using another paragraph. A critic is a conclusion (of sorts) on the literary work. You can summarize a critic in one word or sentence, but it is not recommended to write a conclusion (again!).

Critics are people who try to understand the literature and give their opinion on it so as to make it better for the audience themselves. It is quite necessary to follow some criticisms because that will help you make your decision on whether to read a particular novel or watch a particular movie. However bad people think critics are, they always use them when they’re required.

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