A Comprehensive Manual On Creating A First-Person Narrative Essay

Completing a first person narrative essay will not be a hard task if you have taken the time to prepare yourself correctly. This article can help you get orientated in the right direction when you are stuck to get the ball rolling. It might even be the case that when you have taken the time to prepare yourself the project will be quite interesting and enjoyable to complete. For more information on how you can complete your first-person narrative essay read on.

What is a first person narrative project?

Before writing your first word you have to understand what a first person narrative project is all about. By doing so you will end up with the kind of content that the examiner is looking for.

The point of a narrative essay is to write on something that you have experienced, and for that reason alone it should not be that hard to complete. You will see that writing on personal experiences requires a minimal amount of preparation and research beforehand. In actual fact the first draft can be completed by the time you would have completed the info gathering phase on other projects.

Write on something interesting

You have to write the narrative piece on an interesting aspect of your life as otherwise the examiner might get bored reading your work. Here is a list of possible ideas that you can write your narrative project on:

  • Holiday: if you have had a great holiday in the past that you feel is going to make for an interesting project then you can write about it. Include the food you eat, the places you visited and the people that you met.
  • Childhood: we all have our interesting and funny childhood experiences and making that the topic of your project is a great idea. You’ll also see that it might be interesting to remember your childhood in detail as you are working on your project.
  • Christmas present: we can all remember our best Christmas present, and why we liked them so much. You can do a project where you name all the top presents you have ever received and why they were so special to you. This is a topic that anyone can relate to.

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