Searching For A List Of Good Movies To Write Essays On

When you are writing a research paper on a movie you can write on any movie including:

  • Casablanca
  • Roman holiday
  • Red dawn
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Indiana Jones
  • Star wars

Once you select your film you need to write a viable paper.

Two Simple Rules for Writing a Paper

Below are two simple rules that you should follow when writing a paper.

  • Rule 1: Do background research
  • When you start a course chances are you don’t know much about it. You probably don’t have enough information to provide a sufficient and coherent background on the subject. That is why you need to research. You can start by reading an encyclopedia. This is an often underappreciated and yet previously widely used resource that can offer a great deal of background information. This can be followed with books or articles that you find interested. Look over your course syllabus or the bibliographies at the end of your course texts for other suggestions on related material.

    While you are conducting background research you need to reflect and analyze the information you find in a critical manner. You can of course speak with your teacher to get some ideas and other possible routes for research. The earlier you do this the better off you will be.

  • Rule 2: Create a clear research question
  • The research question should start with “why” or “how”. Try and look at your research question as a puzzle. Why did a social event turn out the way that it not and not another way? Why does a certain pattern exist? Why do only certain aspects of a political system seem effective? How has a particular social phenomenon changed from one period to another?

    The question you pose can be general or particular. Why have certain countries seen more success with their transition into Communism than other countries? Why did the Labour Party win Britain’s previous election? How has race changed in America since the Civil Rights Movement? How do differing electoral systems change the way political parties act?

The point is that whatever topic you select your goal is to identify:

  • New developments or outcomes or even trends that were not otherwise apparent (this a “how” question)
  • The causes of a trend or event (the “why” question)

Every academic field will work with these questions. Some of the best publications in any field are those which can accurately identify a “why” or a “how” question central to their work.

These questions force you to make an argument.

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