How to choose the best subject from the variety of persuasive essay topics for high school

Persuasive essays work to change the opinion of readers on a specific topic or subject manner. This means the writer works to convince readers their viewpoint or idea is best. Selecting a good topic includes topics that often have opinions from different sides. When you select a topic you need to consider what you know as an advantage in persuading someone to take your side on an issue. Think of yourself as a car salesman trying to make a sale. You need to know your stuff with your topic selection in order for someone to be on your side.

Think about a Topic that Will Give You a Good Advantage

There are topics you will need to consider that offer different point of views. You can consider an argumentative or controversial topic, but it should be something you feel strongly about enough to try and convince someone to take your side. You can make a list of potential topics such as the death penalty, abortion, women’s rights, violence, and parenting. Brainstorm ideas based on the subject matter you want to write about.

Can You Provide Solid Background Details (Evidence) on Your Main Idea or Issue?

When you think about your potential topic you should know what information you will need to defend your argument. Your argument is the main idea or purpose of the persuasive essay. You will need to consider what supporting points you will need to help convince your audience. In other words, what details will you use to rebuttal or counter argue other opinions related to the issue? You may need to consider what kind of research you will need to do so you can back up your argument while persuading others to see things your way.

Can You Write about the Subject Matter with the Persuasion Factor?

Do you feel you can persuade someone to see things the way you see them? As mentioned earlier, researching your topic will make a big difference in how you present your side. What elements do you think will be necessary when considering how to persuade readers to see things your way? You may also need to consider essay guidelines as you may or may not need to insert a rebuttal. Some feel this element can make a difference in how to get others to see the difference between opinions.

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