Persuasive essay graphic organizers

Putting your writing plan in a picture format is an excellent way to get a compact overview of your project. Using persuasive essay graphic organizers will help you to structure your essay in a coherent manner that flows from paragraph to paragraph. Many students choose existing graphic organizer templates to help structure their essay, but any student can create their own. Below is a short guide to help you make the best choice; specifically for a persuasive essay. The following will be particularly helpful if you have never written a persuasive essay before, or if you have never used a graphic organizer before.

The mapping advantage

Graphic organizers really help get the writing process started. Once you have a basic plan, the writing process itself is simple. The overall flow of your essay will be a lot better if you have an easy to follow map of what to write and when to write it. It is advisable that you utilize this method to improve the organization and coherency of your essay.

Drawing up your own essay graphic organizers

The advantage of making up a custom graphic organizer is that you will ultimately have something that works uniquely for you. Creating your own is quite simple. Ideally you will want to start with a statement that identifies your topic. This statement will be the standpoint from which you plan to argue your case. Typically you would want about four reasons for your argument that stem from this statement. In turn, each reason will then require three methods of argument, namely: evidence, reasoning, and persuasion (this is just an example).

In a diagram form, this summary would look something like a branching effect. You start with one point (the statement), branch off into four different categories (the reasons) and then allow each branch to contain three more branches respectively. Don’t feel confined to this exact method. If you feel like mixing up some of the phrases used here, do so in order to make your essay work. Need help with your essay? AssignmentGeek is available 24/7 online.

Using a template

There are many free graphic organizers online to help you form the best structure for your essay. These can be downloaded and printed for easy, continual use. Keep in mind that not every graphic organizer may be suited to your type of essay. Each one is designed for a specialized purpose. When downloading a template, make sure you are getting the right one for you essay type.

Another good way to utilize a graphic organizer is to use it in conjunction with essay samples. If you have any of these on hand, you can take the argument structure in the sample and map out the existing argument into your graphic organizer. Once you have done this, you will see clearly how to structure your own argument in a way that suits your essay type—in this case, a persuasive one.

So what makes it persuasive?

Again, it is the way the argument follows a branching flow. From your statement, you will want to use the reasons, as well as each reason’s arguments, to convince the reader that your stand point is the correct one. It is easier to follow this process if you have it in a diagram form.

As we have seen, using graphic organizers gives you the perfect planning method for your essay. Especially with the specifics of a persuasive essay, a graphic organizer can help to structure your essay correctly. Hopefully this guide has also shown the advantages of both templates and custom graphic organizers. Good luck in choosing the one that suits you most.

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