Where to get new informative essay topic ideas

If inspiration has abandoned you and your essay is due the following day, you’ll need some help getting ideas for an essay topic. It’s not as hard as you think. Sometimes our creative side just needs a kick-start, which is exactly what you’ll be provided with here. Instead of copying other topics out there, use the following methods to get ideas and always try to be original.

  • Get familiar with blogs
  • Online blogging sites like Alltop are awesome for reading and gathering ideas for your own work. There’s a lot of contemporary information on sites like this and you’ll never be out of ideas when scouring through them. Remember not to limit yourself to the topics provided. Click on them and read the blogs to get a full picture of the potential the article holds for your own inspiration.

  • Visit the library
  • A few hours in the library never hurt anyone. If you find libraries boring, change your mindset and make friends with the one closest to your home or campus. Sifting through books at the library will give you tons of ideas for your essay.

    Most libraries also have magazine sections. Don’t underestimate the articles contained in these. Magazines are edited by professionals who know how to grab the attention of an audience. Page through a few good ones and make some notes on things that you think will grab the interest of your teacher or professor.

  • Create your own mix
  • When searching through topics—whether they’re from blogs, library books or samples—consider taking a small aspect from one and combining it with another. This will give you a unique topic that you thought up yourself and you’ll be scored well for innovation and originality. In academic writing—especially with essays—professors are always looking for new material that stands out from the usual humdrum.

  • Visit a writing company for some ideas
  • Academic writing companies keep archived lists of previously written essays and research papers. Sift through these and see if any of them fit the genre you’re looking for. You may even decide to purchase one that compels you as a template for format and inspiration.

Never copy topics or try and write something that’s been overdone. Keep your work focused on being original, while at the same time keeping it interesting and researchable.

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