Fast Food Advantages And Disadvantages

Food that can be prepared quickly is referred to as “fast food”. This type of food can suit people who are hard working and in a rush. In fact fast food can be a life saver for many families who are living in a city and working hard all day. Still there are many who argue against fast food because of its disadvantages.

One of the biggest advantages of fast food is that it is just that: fast. It saves time because of how quickly it is prepared. In today’s very fast moving world having a meal ready to eat the moment you are done with work and exhausted from the day is truly a blessing. Not everyone has the time to drive to the store to get the ingredients necessary and to prepare a thorough dinner. In these cases fast food can offer a pleasing alternative. In addition to the time that it saves it can also help save on costs. The cost is relatively inexpensive especially compared to buying fresh products at a grocery store and preparing it at home. There are some healthy options on a fast food menu such as lean meat or boiled potatoes rather than fried. There are also fruit juices and low fat milks available. Fast food restaurants more often than not display the nutritional information of their items so you always know what you are getting.

The disadvantages are that many fast food items are high in fat and sugar as well as oil and mayonnaise. They also come with heavy doses of salt and meat and cheese. This can have an adverse effect on a person’s health. Fast food may have higher amounts of salt and fat as well as artificial chemicals which makes it less healthy than a home cooked meal. Frying also destroys the essential ingredients that were once contained in the food items. There are often small amounts of fruits and vegetables in fast food items. Another disadvantage is the large portion sizes. Many sizes given at a fast food restaurant are larger than the average person needs and contain more calories than that person will burn. This is directly linked to the rise in obesity and in child obesity in particular. The excess of calories and fats is particularly harmful for those who have a sedentary lifestyle. This leads to higher heart related diseases as well as joint diseases.

Overall fast food is a modern invention that offers a solution for those who are exhausted at the end of a long day. Like most things there are advantages and disadvantages to both. There are health concerns but smart and healthier alternatives available too that can minimize the disadvantages.

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