List Of The Most Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics In History

You always wanted to be treated like an adult and your teacher is going to give you the chance. You are being asked to write an argumentative essay and this is a bit more difficult than you think. Our society has gotten into the habit of thinking that sarcasm and insults are the foundation for solid arguments. No, that is not true at all. A firm argument is centered on facts and not emotions. You are challenged to prove why your arguments are solid and convincing. A good argumentative paper is able to effectively persuade someone to accept your point of view or at the very least respect it. Below is a list of the most interesting argumentative topics.

  • Is Art really worth teaching in school?
  • Will we ever see a society where bigotry is no more?
  • Can we control cyberbullying? Should we even try?
  • Has social media made us stupid?
  • Is there any reason to read books anymore?
  • Do elections mean anything at the local level?
  • Does religion serve a common good?
  • Will mobile devices help education at all?
  • Do girls have a chance to succeed in our society?
  • Do boys have it better than girls in high school?
  • Why are boys not interested in science?
  • Can we really trust the federal government?
  • Is there any good reason to go to war?
  • Are politicians capable of doing what is morally right?
  • Can gun control stop violence in society?
  • Can the death penalty make us safer?
  • Should a teenager be tried as an adult?
  • Should we be allowed to vote at 16?
  • Is the legal age for marriage too high?
  • Is the science settled on climate change?
  • Should evolution be made a law?
  • Are rap lyrics a form of sexual harassment?
  • Can justice be bought and sold?
  • Is spying on our allies acceptable?
  • Should the United States insist human rights be respected globally?
  • Should the poor pay more to support schools?

Think before you write. That is the real logic behind this type of paper. You cannot rely on outbursts or fits to get your point across. If it means doing one or two revisions, do not hesitate to do so. Your mission in the writing is to show your teacher you have the maturity to gather your facts and present your case. This kind of essay is a bit more than the ordinary for many students. When you get to the higher grades and into college you will be writing quite a few of these. If you start working on objective arguments now, you will be better able to present them later.

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