13 Great Argumentative Essay Topics That Will Gain Your Reader's Interest

The most important thing about an argumentative essay topic is the topic itself. If you choose well you give yourself every opportunity to write well. But using the word great in the title of this article suggests that there are some argumentative essay topics which are not great. The things you need to avoid are topics where there is not a marked division in the points of view. The more controversial the topic is, the more likely it is to have varying and strongly different opinions.

So when looking for your great argumentative essay topics, ask yourself, does this really cause dissension amongst people? Is it the sort of topic that really gets people thinking and talking and possibly even protesting and writing letters? Remember that you're writing this essay primarily for your teacher or professor and they have to read vast numbers of these essays as part of their work. If you want to attract the best possible score, you will need to write well and substantiate the points you make in your essay. But what will really seal the deal will be the choice of topic. If that's terrific you stand an excellent chance of impressing the judge.

Here are 13 great argumentative essay topics

  • - Junk food can be good for you.
  • - Smoking tobacco should become illegal.
  • - Plastic surgery should be reserved only for people suffering disfigurement.
  • - All employees should have to take a lie detector test regarding the hours they have worked.
  • - All voting procedures should be compulsory with fines for people who do not vote.
  • - All diets should be made illegal.
  • - Students do better in single-sex schools.
  • - Bullying should never be tolerated in any situation.
  • - All violent video games should be banned.
  • - Books should be replaced with electronic devices.
  • - Music lyrics which encourage violence should never be broadcast.
  • - Eating disorders should be discussed as part of a normal high school curriculum.
  • - The news on television should not be allowed to report violent deaths.

The secret to a great topic is one which has a sense of freshness about it. Remember your teacher will have seen the standard essays time and again. Try for something different. Or, if it’s a common topic, it can become a great topic if you can find an unusual approach.

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