This guide can help you with argumentative essay topics for middle school

Review the topics below:

  • Should the paper book industry be alleviated?
  • Should there be a verification process for online reviews?
  • Should violent video games be sold to minors?
  • Should reality television be censored due to dangerous stereotypes it promotes?
  • What constitutes a good television ad?

After you pick the topic on which you will write your argumentative essay for middle school you need to set out to complete the paper. When you are writing an academic paper it is important that you have a good introduction. The introduction is what sets the tone for the rest of your piece. It is what tells the reader what you will cover in the rest of your essay and why it is important. The introduction is also where you place your thesis statement. Many students believe that they need to place the thesis sentence at the beginning of their paper. But this is not true. The thesis can go anywhere in the introductory paragraph. It, alongside your creativity, is not confined to the very first sentence. If you instead want to open with a shocking fact or quote, then lead into the thesis sentence at the end of the paragraph, that is perfectly fine. You can also place it at the beginning if you so choose.

The conclusion is often misunderstood as well. Many students are under the impression that their conclusion is just a simple piece that they tack on to the end of their body, and that is serves no real purpose other than to repeat exactly what was mentioned in the introduction. This is also untrue. The conclusion is meant as a place to redefine what you wrote in the introduction, yes, but also to incorporate the new evidence you included in the body of your text. The introduction lacked this information but the conclusion does not. The conclusion is also a place where you can leave the reader with a final sentence that offers insight into further research that can be conducted to expound upon what research you did. It can also be a place where you re-state the quote you used in your introduction and re-frame it with the evidence in mind. You might also use a startling fact that will occur if nothing is done related to your paper topic. In any case, the choice is up to you.

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